Sushi in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Magazine


Design Sponge

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My loft is featured on Design Sponge today!

Tequila Fortaleza

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Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

I left Los Angeles with no expectations, the perfect way to approach a trip like this, the perfect way to be in the moment and appreciate everything that is about to come your way. What came my way was an amazing group of people, delicious, authentic Mexican food and of course lots and lots of quality tequila.

Guillermo Sauza, the owner of Fortaleza is without a doubt the most gracious and generous host I have ever met. He welcomed me into his home and his life, and shared with me the history and traditions that after 5 generations have made Fortaleza what it is today.


Two Sisters Bakery

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Homer, Alaska


Alaskan George

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DTLAX Magazine

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My lovely neighbors

Believe it or not I still get the occasional “So where do you grocery shop if you live downtown?”
There’s a lot happening downtown. ┬áIf you’re still asking where downtowners grocery shop then it’s time for your next exploration of Downtown Los Angeles.
When I moved downtown about 3 years ago I realized it was the first time in my 4 years living in LA that I felt a sense of community, being from a small town in Wisconsin that feeling of community and togetherness was something that I missed.
It’s not just about the hidden sausage place who’s name no one can pronounce or the fact that you can actually get a $3 beer at a pretty fantastic bar but it’s also about the people who are choosing to spend their time and energy in our little community.
The current issue of DTLAX has the first of a new series they’ll be doing of profiles on downtown residents.
I am proud to say that I photographed this impressive group of people who continue to make downtown a better place to live and work.

A beautiful weekend on the farm

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Penngrove, CA

We laughed, relaxed and ate fresh veggies

The Mysterious Salton Sea

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Salton Sea, CA

A much needed mini road trip.
I left here with a lot of questions but I don’t need them answered.
The Salton Sea is a strange little place.

Time For a New Year

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New Franken, Wisconsin


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I came across this house on a walk the other day.
The trees almost entirely covering it made me wonder what was inside.
Even though it’s almost secluded, it still feels inviting.
A happy house…