Music’s Mad Men

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Shot for Billboard Magazine

a few outtakes…

Michael Gross, TBWA/Chiat/Day

Colin Jeffery, David & Goliath

Saige Turns 7

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Why does 7 seem so much older than 6?
6 doesn’t seem like a huge leap from 5, but 7 seems much older than 6.

Shuck Oyster Bar

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Shot for the July Issue of Riviera Orange County

Bäco Mercat-Angeleno Magazine

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Shot for the July restaurant issue for Angeleno Magazine

Josef Centeno


Sweet Paul Magazine-Spring

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Paul Lowe did a wonderful job putting together his current issue of Sweet Paul.
Check out my series included in this issue.

Food styling + recipes by Diana Perrin
Prop styling + illustrations by Alicia Buszczak

Renard’s Cheese

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Renard’s Cheese Algoma Wisconsin

I grew up on cheese curds from Renard’s.
Every holiday, every household held an item or two from Renard’s Cheese, at least that was the case where I grew up.
During my last visit to Wisconsin my sister and I decided to visit the factory where this delicious cheese is made.
Often times we forget to explore our immediate areas, we venture off looking for the next unique location but don’t pay attention to what’s right in front of us.
I lived near this cheese shop for about 18 years of my life but never thought to see how those amazing, squeaky snacks were made or who made them.
The Renard family was happy to show us what they do best and that day we ate the freshest cheese curds possible. Yes, for breakfast.
If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating a cheese curd, don’t worry, you can change that right now.
Click here to order Renard’s award-winning curds.

Roberto Cortez’s CR8

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Once a month Roberto Cortez‘s most recent masterpiece is revealed during his CR8 dinner.
Not a detail is left out. He even chooses specific music for each course.
He is a true artist with the kitchen, food and your palette being his canvas.
I found myself saying after every course, “No, this one is my favorite.”
CR8 is not just a meal, it’s a very unique dinning experience.
This month’s concept was textures and how we react to and feel about them.

Design Sponge

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My loft is featured on Design Sponge today!

Tequila Fortaleza

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Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

I left Los Angeles with no expectations, the perfect way to approach a trip like this, the perfect way to be in the moment and appreciate everything that is about to come your way. What came my way was an amazing group of people, delicious, authentic Mexican food and of course lots and lots of quality tequila.

Guillermo Sauza, the owner of Fortaleza is without a doubt the most gracious and generous host I have ever met. He welcomed me into his home and his life, and shared with me the history and traditions that after 5 generations have made Fortaleza what it is today.


Things Organized Neatly

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Just love this site… Things Organized Neatly