Sports and online betting – a new vision in the casino industry

Sports, a term that has come to our attention recently, is the industry in which casino operators are increasingly oriented. How can the eSports branch of the gaming industry help? eSports has long passed the level of the lone user of video games and has already become an eSports Company, which estimates revenue of $ 1.5 billion by 2020.

If a few years ago video games were just a form of entertainment among young people, in contemporary times the users of these games have risen to the status of professionals, where players are paid to stay in the game and organize world tournaments with prizes of millions USD. Moreover, the International Sports Federation is working to recognize this event as an Olympic one and in the future projects are scheduled to build arenas dedicated to this sport. Sports clubs and sports federations have shown increasing interest in eSports – in addition to the involvement of European football clubs in FIFA18, NBA and NHL international tournaments, they intend to do the same in basketball and ice hockey.

Video game competitions, known as exports, are an industry that has grown exponentially in recent years, capturing millions of uses in the tenth generation and millennia. One of the constant worries of casinos is that the generation that still plays slots, dice and roulette is on the duke, and young people are not at all attracted to this entertainment alternative. The new generation has a different perspective on the game and how they are psychologically and sociologically rewarded when they play games, and the old demographics of classic games are of no interest to modern players.

A solution is currently being sought for the introduction of eSports in the gambling industry and the most promising is the hosting of these events in specially designed halls. According to professional players, tournaments must have a dedicated area, where they can meet other users, interact, learn strategies and watch other matches. Solid casino owners could host this type of event, which come with a profit of millions, through marketing options, but the real problem is most of the players are under the legal age to enter such a location. According to a Las Vegas casino owner, Seth Schorr, whose casino regularly hosts tournaments, this is just another strategy to survive the current trend.

As for online casinos, esports is not a recent solution, the reason being the same, the age of the players. But there is already, since 2016, illegally, when there was an income of 3 trillion dollars in esports betting. Esports has a lot of features that appeal to bookmakers, including the ability to provide real-time match data and watch live games that reflect events typical of real sporting events. The use of live streams allows for in-game meeting, which is what bookmakers rely on – and how they can regularly host odds changes.

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